Gridpane Compatibility

Note: This exclusion only needs to be done on the server where you have ProjectHuddle installed (your dashboard site). You don't need to add these cache exclusions on your connected sites!

If you host your site on Gridpane, you'll need to make a special request to enable PUT/PATCH and DELETE requests for the WordPress REST API to work correctly.

To do this, simply submit a support ticket to Gridpane via their support and ask them to enable PUT/PATCH/DELETE requests for your server

To make things really easy for you, feel free to copy and paste this sample ticket:


My site runs the ProjectHuddle feedback plugin and we need to enable PUT, PATCH and DELETE requests for our server. Could you please enable these?


Manually Adding Requests:

If you want to do this yourself, you can do the following:

1. Create a root level conf file at this path. The easiest way to do this is by using nano and adding the file directly on the server like this (make sure to replace with your own domain:

nano /var/www/ 

2. Add into the file this line using:

dav_methods PUT DELETE; 

Once complete, do CTRL + X. It'll prompt to save the file, type y, and then hit enter.

3. Next, nano to this config file:

nano /etc/nginx/extra.d/headers-http-context.conf 

Add  PUT DELETE PATCH to the more_set_headers allow directive and into the if guard block. The config file should look like this:

more_set_headers "allow: GET, POST, HEAD, PURGE, PUT, DELETE, PATCH" always;
if ($request_method !~ ^(GET|POST|HEAD|PURGE|PUT|DELETE|PATCH)$) { 
return 405; 

Once complete, do CTRL + X, it'll prompt to save, hit y, and then hit enter on the file name.

4. Check syntax and reload:

nginx -t 

If there are no errors, then run

gp ngx reload 

Now, just check your application, and it should work.

Special Note For 6G WAF Users:

If you use the 6G WAF you’ll also need to create an exclusion for bad-methods. The easiest way is to run the following command:
gp site site.url 6g -bad-methods off 
Full documentation and rule creation can be found here.
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