ProjectHuddle comes equipped with a variety of customizable features that allow you to change the look of the projects to match your brand. 

Note: Be sure to Save the page after making any changes. 

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Under Settings > Customize: Add your company logo, which will appear on login forms and at the top of emails.  After you add a logo, emails and login forms will now carry your brand image! You can also select a highlight color, which appears throughout the app and client experience.


Under Settings > Websites add your company logo to live website projects - which appear in the pop-out comments panel. You can also add a custom help contact link for your client, which will route them to a specific email or page when the frontend help link is clicked.


The Comments tab basically allows providing Private Comments Access to members to view and add private comments.


This section allows you to choose if you want to require or not the terms and agreement on the approvals.


Under Settings > Emails adjust the email sender options like the name and email of who the emails are received. 


The advanced tab provides a wide range of options from enabling the Send Error Reports, Turn on script debugging, Setup Wizard, restore options, etc.

Slack Integration

This tab provides the option to manage the Slack Integration and settings.

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