ProjectHuddle is compatible with self-hosted WordPress installations. sites aren't compatible with ProjectHuddle at this time.

ProjectHuddle makes use of the  WordPress REST API, a core WordPress feature added in WordPress 4.7. In order for ProjectHuddle to function correctly, you must use a hosting company that supports WordPress and the rest API. If you're using a dedicated WordPress host, or a VPS this is almost never an issue. In fact, most web hosting companies support the WordPress REST API if they advertise WordPress compatibility. 

However, if you're setting up a custom server from scratch (on digitalocean for instance) you'll  need to make sure your server allows for all the WordPress REST API requests, including PUT, PATCH and DELETE on the wp-json endpoints. 

Currently known incompatible hosts (do not support PUT, PATCH or DELETE Requests):

Recommended Hosts

Shared Managed WordPress

If you're looking for a super affordable solution, siteground does a great job with Managed WordPress hosting for as little as $6.99 per month.

Managed Cloud Hosting

If you're looking to host more than one WordPress installation, we also recommend Cloudways

I recommend you choose the Digital Ocean 1GB hosting plan, which is nicely priced at $10 per month. With this hosting plan, you get an unlimited number of WordPress applications on a screaming-fast php stack. Cloudways speed and features are typically only available on more expensive hosted WordPress servers.

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