Caching and ProjectHuddle

If you're using any sort of caching with ProjectHuddle, you'll want to make sure you add some URL and cookie exclusions. ProjectHuddle serves dynamic content, which means it's constantly changing. You'll likely not want to cache this or users may see outdated comments, have trouble with access links, etc. ProjectHuddle uses its own transients to cache things and automatically invalidates when content changes.

In General, you'll want to exclude caching

On These URLs
/mockup/(.*) /website/(.*) (^|;\s*)ph_apikey (^|;\s*)access_token
And any cookie that begins with the ph prefix and the _wp_session cookie:
(^|;\s*)ph _wp_session

I've decided to deactivate caching plugins, but I'm still seeing a notice.

If you're still seeing a notice even after deactivating all caching, your caching plugin still probably has cache files in the cache directory of your site. You should delete the content of the wp-content/cache/ folder either by FTP or a File Manager to completely remove caching from your site.

For more detailed information, be sure to check out specific instructions for caching with different plugins and server settings, below in related articles:

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