Flywheel Compatibility

Note: This exclusion only needs to be done on the server where you have ProjectHuddle installed (your dashboard site). You don't need to add these cache exclusions on your connected sites!

If you host your site on Flywheel, you may encounter some issues with the Client Site Plugin and Access Links. This is due to aggressive page caching (which is a good thing!), but it can be easily resolved by requesting that Flywheel setup a special cache exceptions.

To do this, simply submit a support ticket to Flywheel via their support portal and ask them to exclude a few url query variables from cache. 

Send them a link to this doc, so they can add these exclusions to your server configuration:

Legacy Servers Varish Exclusions:

if (req.url ~ "ph_apikey") { return (pass); }  
if (req.url ~ "access_token") { return (pass); }<br>

Cloud Sites NGINX configuration:

location / {
	if ($args ~ "access_token") {
		set $cookiepath "true";
	if ($args ~ "ph_apikey") {
		set $cookiepath "true";
	if ($cookiepath = "true") {
		add_header Cache-Control "max-age=0";
	include internal-proxy.conf; 
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