How to Export Comments in PDF/CSV file?

Project Huddle helps you to collect feedback from clients on your web project and website. 

You can view and manage all responses from your website dashboard. But sometimes you might need to export these responses and save them on your computer or on online storage. 

This article will help you with it. 

To export responses, its threads, mockups, and other data recorded with Project Huddle, you can use WP All Export plugin. 

Here are steps to follow -   

1. Go to the Plugins page and install WP All Export like any other WordPress plugin 

2. Go to All Export in the dashboard.

3. Click on New Export and Choose a post type you want to export.  You get the option to export all Project Huddle data like mockup conversation thread, mockup, websites, website conversation threads, project images.

4. You can download the data as it is or customize the file.

5. Once you configure the items you want to export click on confirm and run the Export.

6. Your file will be downloaded in CSV format on your computer 

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