PDF Mockups Setup

To get started with the File Uploads Addon the first thing you will want to do is install and activate it on your WordPress site. For instructions on how to install an extension, see this documentation.

Adding a PDFs

To add a new PDF, you'll need to create a new Mockup project or add to an existing mockup project. Once you are on the Edit Mockup page, you can add a new pdf by clicking "Add Images". If you have the PDF Mockups addon enabled, you should see pdf files in addition to image files that you can insert into the project.

Display Options

After you choose a pdf file to insert into the project, a popup will show some Display Options you can set for all the pdf pages. This lets you bulk set display options, like background, sizing and more.

PDF Initial Display Width

 With PDF files, you'll notice an additional option called "PDF Initial Display Width". Since PDF files themselves don't have a set screen width, you can set the initial width when the pdf loads on the page. The user can still zoom in/out of the pdf if they want, but this sets the default size so you have control over how it's displayed.

Mixing Images and PDF Files

You can mix images and PDF files together in the same project. You can also add multiple pdf files to the project too! Arrange pdf pages and images together in the order of your choice using the drag and drop interface.


PDFs also support versions! Make sure the pdf file contains the same number of pages as the previous version. If the pages mismatch, additional pages will be ignored as to not accidentally add or remove pages to the project.

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